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Adress : Büsan 4 Sanayi Sitesi 10665 Sk. No:4/C Karatay/KONYA
Phone : +90 332 3450637-38
Fax : +90 332 3450639
Company Profile
 In 2003 water fixtures with title BOZYAZI VALVE irrigation from the group manufacture and wholesale sales springi'nin was established with the aim of our company, when market conditions and technological developments in the field by taking into consideration "valve" sectorreputation has taken steps.

  Our sense of loyalty as well as people in the valve industry in quality, with modern working facilities, to improve every day, has given importance to ethical values and responsibilities. 

  Therefore, continuous development göstereraddition, the quality and aims to extend the range of products. We need advanced technology, "Ashlar Vellum Cobalt" (CAD), "SprutCAM" (CAM) software-assisted design and manufacturing of machinery-equipment and design programs in the highproduction is done with quality and reliability. 

  Foundation for this ever increasing sales figures, increasing the importance given to quality and R & D through to qualify Bozyazı VALVE, today many cities in Turkey with respect to theproducts, markets and sectors for the company itself has become a brand that is acceptable. 

  Fundamental principles of our Organization as required by ISO 9001 quality system and continue to provide total quality sisteminini create amacıylis a experienced and qualified staff work. 

  All products passed the necessary testing and control of, the standards are produced in a suitable way. 

  We as a pre-sales consulting and sales BOZYAZI then VALVES Yachtvarious support services, "TS-EN-ISO-9001 Quality Management System Certificate" as required to provide the most appropriate way.
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