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Adress : Başakşehir Mah. Gökova Caddesi No :1-A Başakşehir - İSTANBUL TÜRKİYE
Phone : +90 212 659 11 17 (Pbx)
Fax : +90 212 659 41 77 (Pbx)
Company Profile
20 years ago, our company started its activities by importing food and Textile Chemicals, has stepped in by producing Turkey's construction sector is one of the leading sectors in the pipe infrastructure in Bulgaria. Our firm, which support improving the quality of domestic products at the domestic market brought from many years abroad, then Turkey's giant pipe producer Hakan stopped imports from abroad made a significant cooperation with plastic and began distributing the entire domestic production abroad.
Shortly in the market with its quality of service and customer oriented sales approach, our company, which is ahead of its competitors in the market, has expanded its product range by adding close to 20 dealerships. With all this, the expert engineer on the subject of mechanical fire systems and air conditioning systems has signed many projects and started to increase his references. Having started to produce Hydraulic Control Valves as of 2014, our company has started to focus on exporting which is the biggest contribution to the economy and finding its place in foreign markets.
Having a group of companies that provide job health and safety services at the same time, AnalizGroup is working to leave an innovative, responsible, trustworthy and entrepreneurial staff for tomorrow.
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